Invite Bot

Basic Info

Prefix: b. - Help:

Type b.cmds [tag] to search for a command.

Use b.alias [prefix] to change the botprefix for your server.

This is a redbot instance. Go give Twentysix26 some love!

Audio Commands

b.audioset - music settings

b.audiostat - music stats

b.cache - cache info

b.local - server-local playlists - add song by title or link

b.playlist - play playlist

b.pause - pause playing

b.stop - stop playing

b.resume - resume playing - current song info

b.shuffle - shuffle queue

b.repeat - repeat song

b.queue - list the queue

b.prev - previous song

b.sing - sing a song

b.skip - next song - search video


b.bird - bird pictures! - cat pictures!

b.doggo - dog pictures! - fox pictures!

b.slap - slap someone

b.guard - skyrim guards

b.donger - fun lennyfaces

b.insult - insult someone

b.lenny - more lennyfaces

b.lovecalculator - are you a match?

b.nickometer - lame a nicknames

b.penis - it guesses length


b.alias - serverwide prefix

b.cmds - search commands - redbot instance info

b.join - invite link

b.uptime - time online

b.set - configuration