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Most suitable for those who are looking to make a start in the digital space.

Est. completion time: 1 week



Have a finished site but still need something changed or updated? This is the same as change order fee.

€5 per hour

Wordpress lessons

I strictly don't do or assist in any teaching. There are plenty of clear guides online about how to use Wordpress.

Wordpress basics

The benefit of a student

Established web development teams usually starts at thousands of euros for a basic website!

More for less

About Me

I'm Pascal, a passionate front-end webdevelopment student from The Netherlands. I've used Wordpress for many years in several projects and have followed professional courses and internships working with the CMS. My websites excel around visual design and perfectionism to make the crispiest looking websites. These combined are a powerful tool to creating a website that your visitors will be amazed by. You can check out my Works page to find some of my past experiences including Wordpress.


Payment is done in advance through PayPal. If there's trouble paying or terms are needed I will be glad to help. As soon as I start creating the website I cannot refund it for you anymore. If change order fees apply these will be paid upon completion of the website. When both parties agree on the final product the website will be marked done and delivered and any changes after that will fall under Modification pricing.


I build websites on my own isolated server space and export them when everything is finished. During production you are able to view the progression of the website at any time, but you will not be granted back-end access. I can not provide any hosting solutions, but I am able to recommend good hosting providers. I will need your hoster's details to install the website. Optionally I can give you the files and you may do this on your own.

Change Period

Changes to the website may be requested at any point during the creation of the website. However if a requested change is too big or if it involves extra features like e-commerce or a new layout I will charge change order fee. Change order fees are the same as the Modification prices mentioned above. Free changes can not be made after the website is done.


I will try to optimalise your SEO scores as best as possible but I can not guarantee top search results for your website. I am not required to tutor or explain any functionalities to you but I will show you guides if necessary. All websites will have basic security measures like SSL installed but I can not guarantee the safety of your website. I will not connect your website to any services like Cloudflare. After the website has been delivered I am not responsible for any issues that might arise. Please know that am limited to my knowledge and the Wordpress CMS itself. I remain the right to deny a requested feature either before or during the process of creating the website. To prevent unwanted surprises during the process please clearly list all your website's features beforehand. Wordpress tends to be a clunky CMS and might not result in as good loading pages or SEO as other systems. For any other disclaimers refer to the tooltips or popovers attached to several texts on this page.

Currently taking requests

Please have a concept idea ready